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For most millennials, radio may be a odd concept what with Apple Music and Spotify offering up what ever music or videos you could wish for why wait for the next song on the radio? But me being in said generation I actually enjoy listening to the radio on occasion, mostly the local one to me. Most people were shocked when Apple unveiled Beats 1, again for a lot of millennials having a DJ hosting a show with famous artists seems new and interesting, but it isn’t new at all. But besides whether or not radio is any good, the real news is DAB, what with FM radio dying a very slow death this now not so new format is taking over, boating higher bit rates for richer sound and the ability to send more information to the radio unit – such as news, current song, the time and other live information. But now the the second phase DAB has gone live today

Soon, you will now have access to lots more stations:

  • Share Radio
  • Premier Christan Radio
  • Fun Kids
  • Kisstory
  • Planet Rock
  • Absolute 80s
  • Sunrise Radio
  • Jazz FM (which used to be on DAB but pulled out not long ago, but are now returning)
  • Awesome Radio
  • UCB2
  • Punjab Radio
  • Heat

Later in March, on the 15th, Mellow Magic and TalkSport 2 will join, then on 21st March talkRadio will be added then Premier Praise on March 27th. Virgin Radio will finally be added on March 30th.

Do you listen to a DAB Station? If so, let us know in the comments

Image: Roberts