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It’s long been known that Chromebooks are very secure for users and so far no one has hacked the system even with some serious incentives from Google in the past. Google has just increased the cash reward to any hacker or anyone willing to try who can “persistently compromise” a Chromebook and the software on it, until a few days ago the offer stood at $50,000 and still unclaimed so Google has doubled it to $100,000.

Google wants to avoid their systems being compromised in anyway, but like any company knows there isn’t a moment where a hacker isn’t trying to get into your network or systems so since 2010 Google has been continily offering cash prizes to users who can hack their way into various products, it’s a way of staying ahead and avoiding attacks.

On Google’s security blog the latest post which is titled “Get Rich or Hack Tryin” explains the reward and the process.

Google say:

It’s no secret that Chrome takes security seriously. Today, we’re introducing two new changes to expand the Chrome Reward Program even further”

Source: Google Security Blog & TechRadar