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For the entirety of April, A&T Tech will be publishing helpful tips on home networking, suggesting significant upgrades for your router, cabling and some ingenious systems to work out how much data is really being used in your home. This isn’t just what we want to post or write about, there will also be a F&Q section where if any readers have any questions about home networking we will do our best to answer them.

So what’s coming?

For all of April we will be posting loads of helpful tips for readers on home networking, such as:

  • Wireless tips – What channels, frequency and bands to use
  • Positioning of your router – where is the best place to locate your router
  • A look at Ubiquiti Networks and their affordable enterprise system
  • How to extend your WiFi without compromising performance
  • How to get the WiFi into the garden
  • What types of Ethernet technology exists
  • 2.4GHz vs 5GHz
  • Home CCTV options
  • Why routers are the worst thing you can buy, and put up with
  • Why you should upgrade your ISP router
  • How to monitor and control children WiFi time
  • How much data is used by doing this…..
  • A look at the future of WiFi
  • Regular F&Q section
  • Loads more!

Post your questions in the comments section below.