Earlier this week Tesla announced it’s smallest and most affordable model yet, the Model 3 and the whole company and Elon Musk is betting on that this will be in the right price range to be appealing to a lot more people and betting on the amount of pre-orders that it already has, it’s certain that this new model is definitely popular. As of a few days ago, Tesla had racked up nearly 250,000 pre-orders.

This new model will do, as Tesla states 215 miles on one charge, although they are looking into extending this before the final shipment date at the end of 2017. Buyers who are interested in the Model 3 will be able to pre-order now and are needed to put down the initial $1,000.

Being more expensive, the larger and more expensive Model S can do more miles and when compared to the base Model 3 is much faster, but it can do 0-60 in less than 6-seconds which is still brisk. Tesla is adding in support for its large and ever growing network of Superchargers, at the event the company said that when the Model 3 launches, they will have 7,200 Supercharger worldwide.

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