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Starting today, you will be able to remotely play your PlayStation 4 from your computer, while it is in the same local network. The big 3.50 update or PS4 brings this new feature so you can use your PC or Mac to stream 720p at 60fps and play any games using the DualShock controller.

This isn’t the only thing that is coming in the update today, Sony is also adding scheduled parties so friends get automatically added at certain times. Also notifications are being added so you know when your friends are online, something the Xbox One has had for a while now.


Here is a list of features that is included in the 3.50 update for the PS4

Appear Offline – This lets you choose whether or not you want to appear online or offline to your friends, this may be useful if you wish to play alone or watch Netflix in peace.

Play Together – Again, another feature which the Xbox One has had a while which is the ability to see what games or apps your friends are using so it’s easier to tell if they might be up for playing a game or party.

Remote Play – Really the headlining feature of this new update, is Remote Play and it works with Windows PC and Macs. Windows 8.1 and later is required and OS X 10.10 or later is required.

PSN Status – This allows users to check easily of the PlayStation Network is up and running.