BMW’s smaller electric car has had it’s fair amount of attention of the few years it’s been on sale and for good reasons. The BMW i3 may be expensive but it’s high quality and now with this weeks update it has a solid range that can at least compete with Tesla on some level. For 2016 BMW has given the i3 a update, adding a new larger battery which nearly doubles the range of the car, it can now do 195 miles on one charge, bringing it in line with the Nissan Leaf which can do 155 miles and the Renault Zoe, which can do 149 miles.

With the 2016 BMW i3, the company hasn’t actually added a ‘larger’ battery in actual size instead they have refined the software controlling the car and packed more cells at a larger density. Also, the i3 now comes with power as standard – the electric motor now kicks out of what is the equivalent of 168bhp.

The new 2016 BMW i3 will be available later in July and starts at £27,830 for the electric only variant and £30,980 for the Range Extender model, BMW are yet to reveal how far this model will be able to go.