Samsung has a long history of following in Apple’s footsteps and the company’s latest advertising campaign comes at no surprise of it’s origins. Earlier this week Samsung launched a new advert called “Captured on Samsung Galaxy S7” which shows off some 4K video footage which was filmed on the latest Galaxy S7, an idea which is very similar to Apple’s own “Shot on iPhone” which was released at the time of the iPhone 6 and was reused for the higher quality camera on the iPhone 6s, over its time it won many awards.

This news, originally reported by CNET said that:

“The Samsung campaign doesn’t appear to claim that its ad was shot by real people, as the Apple campaign does,” CNET noted. According to the video’s description, the sample of ultra high-def 4K videos was taken by the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Samsung ad below

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