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For a long time now the sheer size and market presence of Amazon here in the UK has had a long standing effect on the physical retail stores and how much they are now selling, one comes to mind is the Currys and PC World chain as well as Argos, both of which have been hit by Amazon in the last few years but with new delivery times and one day options they are starting to claw back some market share.

Sainsbury is offering one hour deliveries now

Amazon is actually selling groceries online and deliver to do the same day in some areas in the UK and now Sainsbury’s is being forced to act and now the supermarket chain is now offering one hour delivery in London only as part of the trial, the service playfully called “Chop Chop” and is an extra of £4.99 per delivery.

For the time being the faster delivery time will only be available in Wandsworth, in London – which is around three kilometres from the nearest store. But if the trial proves to be a success and is popular with customers the CEO of Sainsbury’s has said it may be available in much more stores.

Why isn’t Amazon effecting some retailers?

John Lewis for example is still seeing high profits despite the presence of Amazon. John Lewis just offers a large wealth of technology to try out and has staff which are knowledgeable to ask if customers have any queries or need assistance – also the extended warranty for a lot of the tech products no doubt helps swing peoples purchasing decisions.