Amongst the gaming crowd the Xbox One isn’t as popular as Microsoft would like, they have tried various tactics to out smart the PlayStation 4 but in some areas the Xbox is loved. Personally I own a iMac and then use the  Xbox One for my games, but each to their own. Now in order to win back some users Microsoft is listening even more to the user, with it’s latest software update which dropped a few weeks ago Microsoft added loads of cool features such as Cortana, background music support and more.

As mentioned Microsoft is listening even more to the users of the consoles and Larry Hryb from the Xbox team has confirmed via Twitter that more of the startup can be configured in settings, including now the option to disable or enable the startup chime, based on feedback.

Prior to the most recent update, when a user turned on or off a console by pressing the Xbox button on a controller it didn’t make the start up chime and now it does, so this request has probably come from that. As of writing no date has been specified for the next Xbox One software release.