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All you need to know is that Chrome is about to get better, about to be kinder to your battery and will look much better. But read on for more details on these changes.

In essence Chrome is basically going to look better and won’t drain your battery as much on Windows laptops, this comes timely after Microsoft has been publicly shaming Google’s web browser as one of the main causes as why Windows laptops don’t last as long and suggesting users should try using the new Edge browser which is included with Windows 10. With Chrome 53 Google has made improvements to the CPU and GPU power consumption when users watch videos online, as well as performance improvements.

Also Google is finally bringing it’s famed modern Material Design scheme to Chrome for Windows, this comes after OS X has had this for a month or so. Like Android it adds flat design, more colour and new fonts. Even the private incognito mode has a dark theme now.

Google Chrome 53 is available now.