We’ve seen the new iPhone announced earlier today, but for everyone else with older iPhones and iPads iOS 10 will be the next thing we will be doing. iOS 10 will be released to existing iOS devices on September 13th.

What’s new in iOS 10?

For a full, in depth look at the features of iOS – read our post from WWDC

In short iOS offers a lot of new designs across the operating system – it’s the biggest updater to iOS we’ve seen so far, Siri is now availble to third party developers, opening up access to the APIs for the first time. This means you’ll be able to ask Siri to book you a Uber ride or read your WhatsApp message out to you.

Apple is still pushing for cross device continuity, it started back in iOS 8 with automatic personal hotspot and Handoff and with iOS 10 Apple is adding a Universal Clipboard, allowing copied text on a iPhone to be pasted on a Mac in seconds.