Along with iOS 10 and watchOS 3 this week, Apple also released tvOS 10 for Apple TV. And with this release, it may not be as feature rich as iOS may be but it does add some useful features.


Siri has seen some improvements to aid finding movies about certain subjects. Siri can now search for movies and tv shows which are about two subjects. Such as “Show me boxing movies from the 1980s”


Single Sign On

This feature is more focused to the US market than anything else. But if you multiple apps installed on Apple TV which are part of the same tv package, you’ll only need to sign in once.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode for Apple TV is a nice welcome addition, as generally users watch TV with the lights out – so this will be less harsh on the eyes.


To enable: Settings > General > Dark Mode

How do I download the new update?

Apple should download tvOS 10 automatically, but some users have found this does take a while. Best option is to download manually by visiting Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software