When the the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were unveiled earlier this month, one of the headlining features for the larger model was the dual lens camera. The 7 Plus has two 12MP cameras, the one on the left handles everyday photos just like it’s smaller sibling and the lens on the right is a telephoto lens, this handles 2x zoom optically – offering zoom functionality without  losing image sharpness.

The dual lens setup also offers an advanced feature called Portrait Mode, allowing the 7 Plus to offer a DSLR level feature. Portrait Mode allows users to add depth of field and allowing the people in the photo to come forward in the image. This new feature isn’t yet available, but today Apple has releases iOS 10.1 to public beta testers and this inludes the Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus.

Video, from MacRumors

Source: YouTube video – MacRumors