The new MacBook Pro has been completely redesigned with a brand new feature called the ‘Touch Bar’. This has come about in the effort of creating thinner machines that shifts away from traditional computer ports. Apple has solved this by putting in place the latest Thunderbolt 3 ports and by replacing the function key row of the keyboard with a new versatile Touch Bar that dynamically changes based on whatever app the user is using.

This may be a great concept, but one of the biggest concerns about the new MacBook Pro is how will it work with Windows through Boot Camp with the Touch Bar.

Boot Camp has become a vital utility that enables users to partition their SSDs or hard drives and install Windows directly on their Mac. This has been a crucial tool in allowing for macOS and Windows to be run side by side. It differs from virtualization software like Parallels and VMware Fusion, which allows Windows to run as a desktop app within macOS itself.

So how will users access them when Apple is moving to a dynamic experience across your apps and operating system?

In answer to a question directed at him, Craig Federighi (software engineering chief) has confirmed that the ‘Touch Bar’ becomes a row of visual function keys when using Windows with Boot Camp.

Windows users will be very familiar with these function keys since the Windows operating system makes use of (F1-F12) keys used for countless important tasks. It has been rumored that the Touch Bar will likely display virtual function keys between F1-F12, along with an Escape key, when running Windows. Meanwhile, the virtual power button should work, but without Touch ID.

Users can simply tap on the touch surface – just like when striking a key on a keyboard. This will trigger their function just as you would expect with a virtual keyboard.

There are still some important questions left unanswered at this stage, such as whether there will be specific controls for system-level tasks such as volume, playback, and display brightness.

One thing that isn’t entirely clear at the present is whether or not Bootcamp comes pre-installed on these machines with full support with Touch Bar, or if Apple will be launching a Bootcamp software update for all Macs across the board.

It’s one of those things that only time will tell.