Apple’s spent much longer testing the latest version of iOS 10, which is a good sign as we have had a number of issues with larger iOS updates as of late – hopefully iOS 10.2 aims to rectify this and judging by the release notes Apple has fixed a fair amount of bugs.

Not all bug fixes

It’s not just Apple fixes the nigiling issues in iOS 10 – this latest version brings a raft of new features including new emojis, wallpapers, iMessage animations and the TV app.

What has Apple fixed?

First off what major bugs has Apple squashed in iOS 10 that will make our experience better.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the keyboard from displaying in Messages
  • Fixes an issue that could cause Safari to quit unexpectedly after marking an item as read in the Reading List.

Whats new?


Apple has added a new app to iOS simply called TV. It was debuted back in October alongside the new MacBook Pro, mainly intended for the Apple TV the TV app is more of a smart channel guide than anything else – collating all your third party apps such as HBO Now and iTunes Movies and TV Shows.

The TV app is more useful in the US with Single Sign-On and Siri Live Tune-In. It’s also worth noting that the TV app replaces the Video app on iOS. The TV app is only available in the United States.


Apple is constantly refining the Music app following the major redesign with iOS 10. For instance the Shuffle and Repeat toggles are now more prominent and Star Ratings makes a comeback to iOS, however you do need to activate it in settings.

Also Apple has moved some of the sorting controls from the main settings app directly to the Music app. The option to sort by Type Title or Recently added can now be done directly in Music.

More emoji

We’re always demanding new emojis and iOS 10.2 is no different. This update brings the new Unicode 9.0 standard with the selfie, face palm, croissant, clown and loads more. Even some of the older emojis have been redesigned.

How to download

The new iOS 10.2 update is easy to download. Simply go to Settings > General > Software Update and update.