Ford hasn’t had much to do with electric cars in the last few years, there was an electric version of the Focus a few years ago that was sold only the US and within the cars offered in the UK, no electric cars are offered at all. But in the US Ford is offering six different electric cars, adding up to 69,883 sales in 2016.

That all changes, Ford CEO Mark Fields revealed this week that by 2020, hybrid versions of the Mustang and F-150 will go on sale.


Many will argue that even not having a V8 in the Mustang ruins the pure essence of what the muscle car is, with the 2015 version of the iconic car comes in two flavours, V8 and EcoBoost engine. I can imagine offering a hybrid version might upset some people.

Along with the two new hybrid vehicles, a new small SUV that is powered by electric only will also launch in 2020 and have a 300 mile range.