Earlier today, Apple released the second beta of iOS 10.3 to registered developers. Just two weeks after launching the first beta.

As with every big ‘point’ release of iOS, iOS 10.3 brings some pretty significant new features to the mobile OS. Most notable is the new Apple File System or APFS. APFS is a new file storage system designed for truly strong encryption and is designed purely for SSD and flash based storage systems.

App Store

Apple’s App Store has received some flack in the past few years, mostly for the way it displays search results and how it shows certain apps over others. But Apple has noted a few of the errors with the App Store and will be changing the way it labels app reviews. Developers will now be able to respond directly to users reviews and questions. Also other users can now mark certain reviews as “Helpful” or “Not Helpful” – very similar to the way the Amazon review system works.

Other tweaks

Apple is also paying some attention to some of the little details. System wide, small tweaks to the open and close animations have been made and iOS now gains a full breakdown view of iCloud storage usage.