Amazon’s big investment in the old Top Gear trio was a big gamble, but this has paid off for the retail giant, in big way. While the viewing figures may not be as big as Top Gear once was, it has certainly been popular.

With the first series now over, the viewing figures have been revealed. The Grand Tour had 2.3m UK viewers in December, whereas for the last series of Top Gear starring Clarkson, Hammond and May in June 2015, that saw around 5.6 million.

One thing to bear in mind is that opting to stream on Amazon Prime, it may have alienated a few users – hence the drop in viewer count, but most analysts have called the new show a success as it has brought in a high number of new subscribers for Amazon.

To watch the first season of The Grand Tour, you’ll either need a subscription to Amazon Prime for £79 per year or just Prime Video which is £5.99 per month. However opting for Prime per year brings in some extra items such as free next day delivery,  Kindle book sharing and more.

The second season is already being planned, according to Clarkson and hopefully the new season will be available this Autumn.