Snapchat’s infamous recording spectacles can now be purchased online, for $130. For a while the only way that people good get hold of them was via the Snapbot vending machines which travelled the US offering the glasses for sale and even though the glasses will be on sale online, the Snapbots will still tour the country.



What do the glasses do?

So Snapchat, well ‘Snap’ as the company is now called is offering these as a new way to share what you see with your friends, they can record circular shaped videos and then be uploaded to your story. That’s basically it and this new venture hasn’t even made much money for Snap yet.

Ok, so more on how these things work. Spectacles are designed to let you record 10 second long video clips directly, without taking your phone out. Once the video is recorded, you then get the option to share with a friend or friends and also publish to your public story.

Where can I get them?

Snap is offering Spectacles for $129 on its online store and the Snapbots will still be touring the country.

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