Apple has been busy preparing the new iOS 10.3 update for the last few weeks, with registered developers being given access to the beta as per usual to test compatibility and iron out any bugs. But now with the release of iOS 10.3 beta 3 Apple has opened up testing to any registered public testers.

How do I test?

If you like the sound of testing new beta software for Apple, which includes macOS and iOS you can sign up over at the Apple Beta Software Program – once done, it’s easy to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or Mac to the desired software version, simply add the profile and then it will prompt you to update.

What new software has been released?

So today, Apple has released the third beta of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 – these two software releases should be released to public in the next few weeks of testing goes well.

Whats new in iOS 10.3?

iOS 10.3 adds some handy features for AirPods owners, the Find My iPhone now incorporates finding your AirPods and also iOS 10.3 beta 3 includes the firmware 3.51 for the earbuds.

Also Apple is further pushing to move further away from 32-bit apps. A new section the about section of settings called App Compatibility makes a hint that iOS 11 probably won’t support 32-bit apps, 64 bit only. This kind of progress is impressive, as it was only back in 2013 that 64-bit was first introduced with the iPhone 5s.

What’s new in macOS 10.12.4?

Not much as changed with macOS with this release, the only big name feature is Night Shift. Also there a few minor bugs fixed and Siri can now look up Cricket schedules.

Night Shift, as expected works exactly the same as it does on iOS. Once activated it will use your Mac’s geolocate to lookup the sunset time in your area and gradually reduce the amount of blue light the screen is emitting as time goes on.

These settings can be adjusted in the Settings app.

Source: iDownloadBlog