The next big release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is very close, the rumours and speculation are now heating up for what we might see in the new phone. So far we know that the press event is at the end of March on the 29th. Also, trademarks have been found for an “Infinity Display”

But what do we know about it?

What we definitely know is that Samsung will unveil the new handset in New York on 29th March and the standard battery tests have improved, so there shouldn’t have any issues as with the Note 7 last October.

So, a new trademark has been found called “Infinity Display” which could imply that Samsung has a new screen technology for the S8 or judging by the press release picture it could mean a bezel less screen. Powering the phone, the rumours and leaks suggest that the Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8895 process may be used and two different screen sizes 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch variants.

Also suggested is that the ‘edge’ model will be dropped, instead both screen sizes will feature a curved edge to the screen, even later on the future Note phones will this too.

With ports, Samsung could go down the same route to remove the headphone jack, just as Apple has done with the iPhone 7 and also drop microUSB and use USB-C instead. Headphones will be mainly marketed towards using bluetooth or wired USB-C headphones.

Release Day

Be sure to check A&T Tech on March 29th for all the latest news and specs of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Source: TechRadar