Tesla reckons it can help fix the power issues that the South of Australia is currently experiencing, with constant power outages, blackouts and to top it off – enormous increases in prices.

Late last week, Lyndon Rive who is the co-founder of Solar City and also the head of the energy division at Tesla spoke to the Australian magazine “Financial Review” about the issues in the south of the country and also that Tesla could deliver 100-300MWh of battery power in 100 days.

Tesla’s Powerpack product would be perfect to solve the issue, they are smart enough to charge up when overall power is in low demand and then it will transfer usage when the inevitable blackouts occur or even when electricity is more costly.

Tesla taken seriously

It looks like Tesla’s offer has been taken seriously, Mike Cannon-Brookes who is a Australian billionaire and the co-founder of Atlassian tweeted Elon Musk to really see if the 100 day offer was genuine.

Source: Mashable, Financial Review