The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is due to go on sale at the end of this month on April 21, but to help build the hype up for the release Samsung has released a couple of adverts highlighting the features of the new flagship.

Breaking Out

This ad shows a boxing ring video, along with some other clips all being shown on a old style phone. Showing the big size of the new Infinity Display.

“We know that when you dare to defy barriers you set yourself free,” writes the firm. “And when you set yourself free, well, you can achieve greatness. So we’ve set you free from the confinements of a regular phone, so you can live an unconfined life.”

The New Normal

It shows a newly born baby being filmed, but ultimately shows a subset of various everyday events, like filming with a phone underwater, paying for goods with Samsung Pay on a a watch and more. Explaining that todays new will be the new normal.

“There’s a whole new generation out there who will never know that certain barriers ever existed,” reads the video’s description. “Through the eyes of this new generation, we explore how Samsung’s innovations have changed what was once considered to be impossible… to normal.”