Everyday Tesla seems to be always in the news, the electric car giant is constantly distorting and shaking up how we view renewable power and it’s cars. Elon Musk’s company has been making strides in the tech and automotive industries in the past few years with the release of the more accessible Tesla Model 3 coming later this year and also the Model S 100D can outrun most hyper-cars to 60mph – which is incredible.

But it looks like Elon’s hard work has paid off, the company has now surpassed US car colossus in stock market capital. Tesla is now worth $51 billion on the stock market, around $1.7 billion more than GM. What’s also incredible is that Tesla has only been a company for a mere 13 years, although GM have sold nearly 30 times more cars than Tesla did last quarter. Tesla sold 25,000 cars whereas GM sold 690,000.