This week, LinkedIn the business oriented social media network announced that they now have 500 million active members worldwide with 23 million members in the UK alone.

LinkedIn has also said that 47% of it’s users are using the service too look for a new job and 19% of users have secured a job while using LinkedIn.

“A professional community of this size has never existed until now, so we want to say thank you to every single one of our 23 million UK members for helping us create a global community like no other. Taking small, simple, regular steps to feed and grow your professional network will help you accelerate your career, whether that means landing a new job, climbing the ladder at your current organisation or switching industries. Every single connection you make opens up an average of 400 new people that you could get introduced to and build relationships with, taking you one step closer to reaching your career goals,”

Darain Faraz, LinkedIn

Whats even more impressive than the total amount of users is how quickly the service has gained users in the last year. In January 2016 LinkedIn has 20 million users, as of today it now has 500 million, with London being the most connected city in the world.