Just in the last month, HTC unveiled a new flagship smartphone, the U11 which is a bold and impressive move for HTC as they have been a little quiet lately when it comes to new phones.

Just looking at the specs of the new phone, you can already gauge that it’s a powerful phone. The standard 64GB U11 features 4GB RAM and a microSD card for expanding the capacity.

More storage

Just today, HTC has announced a new model with 128GB of built in storage, but interestingly this model includes a RAM bump, the standard 64GB model includes 4GB, whereas for the 128GB version HTC have added 6GB.

All models also come with Amazon Alexa built right in and a 16MP front-facing camera. Additionally, you can also squeeze the sides of the phone to control defined apps and get instant access to Alexa, the Amazon voice assistant.

Prices and colours

The new HTC U11 is available in the US starting at $649 for 64GB and $729 for the 128GB variant. Also the unlocked version is compatible with T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.

In the UK, the only option is the 64GB version, which is £649. The U11 comes in Red, Silver, Black and Blue.