Earlier today, Apple rounded out one of the most anticipated and rumoured events of the company’s history.  Since November last year, rumours were already flying around for what Apple may do for the 2017 iPhone, which makes it the 10th year of the iconic phone.

Today, Apple revealed all. A new 4K Apple TV was announced, along with a third generation Apple Watch with built in cellular support. We saw three new iPhone models, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well as the all new and heavily rumoured iPhone X.

You can read more on each device below, along with when they will go on sale. Be sure to check back with A&T Tech for more in-depth looks at each product in detail.

New Apple TV 4K

So, new Apple TV. It mainly looks the same as the 4th generation Apple TV from 2015, when Tim Cook went on stage and famously said that that, “The future of TV is apps.” While this is true, to an extent – the App Store on tvOS hasn’t taken off in a massive way.

It might be better to argue that the future of TV is probably 4K and now Apple TV both support 4K HDR content.

Apple TV 4K

With the 5th generation version, Apple is really jumping into 4K with both feet. Not only does it now support 4K, but at HDR too. iTunes now supports 4K TV and Movies and best of all, any HD movies you have previously purchased will be converted to 4K, for free.

New Apple TV 4K will be available to pre-order from 15 September and will go on sale a week later, on 22 September. Prices start from £179 / $179 for the 32GB version and £199 / $199 for the 64GB model. Apple is still offering the last generation Apple TV for £149 / $149.

Apple Watch Series 3

New Apple Watch. Again, like the new Apple TV it mainly looks the same as the Apple Watch Series 2, but its inside what counts. Apple has added in support for cellular connectivity, along with a new internal processor. The new S3 chip makes the Apple Watch Series 3 70% faster and now Siri is able to talk back to you.

With the addition of 3G and 4G support, the Apple Watch can be truly standalone, for when out on a run the Apple Watch will take calls, receive SMS and iMessage messages, all while sharing the same phone number as your iPhone.

New Apple Watch Series 3 will be available to pre-order from 15 September, then go on sale on 22 September.

Prices start from £329 for the Series 3 with GPS, no Cellular and from £399 for the Series 3 with GPS and Cellular.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

The new iPhone X is an all new design and was left to the very end of the keynote, as a “One more thing…” product. Design wise, the iPhone X is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, but the camera module is rotated to face downwards. Like the new iPhone 8, the back and front are all glass, to enable wireless charging.

iPhone X

Unlike the iPhone 8, the iPhone X will be available later in the year, pre-orders to start on 27 October, to go on sale on 3 November.

Prices start at £999 for 64GB and £1,149 for the 256GB version.

Software release times

Apple also mentioned when we be abet her our hands on the new software releases.

  • iOS 11 will launch 19 September
  • watchOS 4 will launch 19 September
  • macOS High Sierra TBD
  • tvOS 11 TBD

Source: Apple News Room