LIFX, a very competent competitor in the smart home space to the Phillips Hue range has now announced its support for Apple’s HomeKit API, a much requested feature over the last few years.

LIFX has been working with Nest and Google for a while now, with the “Works with Nest” system, in which LIFX bulbs would flash red when your Nest Protect smoke alarm detected any issues in the home. Along with other features.


LIFX bulbs do cost a bit more than what Phillips offer with Hue, however with LIFX, each individual bulb connects to your home WiFi, with no bridge required. Thats really the only differentiating factor, like other smart bulbs you can use your tablet or smartphone to turn the lights on or off as well as alter the colour and scheduling.


With the addition of HomeKit, LIFX now joins the other 100s of devices and companies that support Apples home control system. iOS and watchOS both have the Home app in which you can control every device in your home from lights, window blinds, taps and speakers from one place.

Arguably the biggest benefit of HomeKit support is Siri, allowing your to control the whole home with your voice.

HomeKit support is available now.

Source: LIFX