Shell is gearing up to what is next with its next venture, Shell Recharge. This new service is focusing on adding electric car charging stations to its current forecourts.

Shell Recharge is currently offered in three locations as of writing, one in Holloway, in London and also in Derby and Whyteleafe, which are both in Surrey. Shell has stated that an additional seven locations, some in London and Reading will be added by the ed of the year.


Shell is charging for this service, much like ecotricity does and they have a large foot holding in a lot of motorway services up and down the country. Shell’s charging stations will be able to offer 50 kW DC charges, which it says will work with “most vehicles.” However a this time, Tesla is not compatible but they will work to support it “in the near future.”

Cost wise, Shell Recharge will be 49p per kWh, however it will be half price until June 2018. A nice bonus is that there is no ongoing fees or subscriptions.


On the information page for Shell Recharge, the company hinted to a nice addition as to where all the electricity comes from.

All the electricity that powers the Shell Recharge points in the UK comes from renewable sources.

Future looking

Shell needs to do this, as do other traditional companies dependent on the very premise that cars are powered by fossil fuels. Companies here in the UK have to do something, as the UK Government have stated that after the year 2040, there will be a ban on all sales of new cars which are powered by diesel or petrol. This makes the current business models of big companies such as Shell, BP and other incorporations a bit out of date, as their primary business model is to sell combustive fuels. Granted this law will take effect in more than 20 years from now, but companies do need to look for what is next.

This new focus on electric cars from Shell is good, its good for investors and good for business.

Source: Shell, press release

Image Credit: Shell UK