Mobile contracts and just contracts have always been very closed and locking you down into things for a certain amount of time and mostly in the US, over charging for a lot of stuff. With the help of some laws from the relevant governments and just customer demands, a lot of the carriers are now working to better please the customer.

One of the most recent government backed improvements was to benefit customer travelling in and around Europe and the UK, previously you could roam from country to country and use your phone, but usually with a very limited data cap and buying more would cost so much more than what was reasonable, now thanks to European law, all carriers in Europe have to allow seamless roaming and no extra charges.

Flexible O2

Tomorrow, O2 is launching its new flexible tariffs to allow customers to charge and configure their bills each month, with options to choose how much data is set per month.

This is great, as one or two months out of the year you may be travelling the country, taking pictures and really need to make sure they are backed up online, or shared on Instagram, so for that month you just choose more data, and in turn just change how much you pay that given month.

“O2 meets the needs of ‘Generation Flex’ with revolutionary tariffs that customers can change every month”

– O2 UK

Easy Changes

O2 makes changing your data allowance for one month very easy, you can only change the data limit once in a month and you can call up the O2 phone line or using the My O2 app, which is probably the easiest method. Once the data amount is increased or reduced, that billing change will appear on the next months bill.

“Today’s customers want even greater flexibility and control over what they’re spending. Generation Flex expect more from their services and we believe mobile contracts should be no different. In 2013 O2 transformed the way consumers could purchase the latest mobile phones with the launch of O2 Refresh. With O2 Refresh customers don’t have to pay for a phone they already own, unlike customers of other networks. Now we’re going even further, offering customers complete flexibility by also giving them the ability to control the amount of data they use and pay for each month.”

– Mark Evans, O2 CEO


While this all sounds well and good, there are a couple of catches. O2 do require that you are on a O2 Refresh plan and that you have one of the latest handsets:

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Samsung Note 8
  • OnePlus 5

Also, O2 isn’t doing data roll over, so whatever data you have paid for only lasts for that given month.

Source: The Blue, O2 UK (Press Release)