Skype got a renewed mobile interface back in June, amongst some controversy. It featured a new colourful interface, with a bigger focus on messaging. Since Skype has been around, the mindshare for its use is always for video chats, whether that be for meetings or just for leisure.

Windows and Mac

Now, that new look interface is now available from today, on Windows and Mac. The new design includes customisable themes and a much more feature rich chat section, with the ability to sort by unread, time or the status.

Microsoft is playing catchup with the new version of Skype and making it a better competitor to Messenger, WhatsApp or even iMessage in its current incarnation.

The new version of Skype works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and all versions of Windows 10. Microsoft has said it works with Mac, but no mention of which version specifically is required.

Source: Skype Blog