Tesla cars have always had long standing fame for being fast off the line, with Ludicrous mode which enables the Model S and Model X to accelerate in record times, the Model S P100D even has the crown for the fastest ever production car from 0-60MPH, in just 2.5 seconds.


But some people apparently aren’t buying Teslas for the performance and crazy acceleration numbers, but instead more for helping the environment and those people prefer a gentler ride with smoother getaways.

Well for those people, the new ‘chill’ mode on the current Tesla models just slows down the entire car to make it easier to handle.

New Exit Mode

Also new this week comes from a Tesla user on Twitter. @pjfranks1509 asked Elon Musk back in August if they could add a new feature to make getting in and out of the cars a bit easier and as promised the new feature is now in the cars.

Source: Electrek

Image: Copyright A&T Tech