Google has been busy this year developing a whole new range of smart speakers with the Google Assistant built in, the Google Home Mini has been out for a few months now and has mostly likely been picked out for a few gifts this year and the standard Google Home which has been out for more than a year. But one speaker which was announced at Google’s event back in October was delayed slightly, before going on sale.

Maximum Home Sound

The Google Home Max is very similar to Apple’s HomePod, which is still due to go on sale in 2018. The Max is a WiFi connected speaker, with the Google Assistant integrated in, it also offers support for YouTube Music, Spotify and Pandora. No Apple Music support here, which the Sonos One does work with.

Like the HomePod, the Home Max supports multi-room grouping, so you can have two speakers in the same room and have a Hi-Fi like setup and the two speakers will automatically pair with each other and become one speaker, with left and right stereo channels.

Pricing and availability

The Google Home Max was available from Monday and as of writing it seems the speaker is only available in the United States, but as we find out we’ll update this post accordingly.

The Home Max starts at $399, which is already $50 pricer than the soon to go on sale HomePod from Apple.