Another week and we have more stories about the latest tech. This week, Apple has finally put the all new iMac Pro on sale, the second episode of The Grand Tour launched and YouTube can now be used in 4K on the Xbox One. Here are our top five stories of the past week:

The new iMac Pro goes on sale, starts at £4,899 / $4,999

Announced at WWDC 2017 this year, the iMac Pro finally went on sale this week with pricing starting at £4,899 in the UK and from $4,999 in the US. Upgrading the internals can get you 128GB RAM and an 18-core Intel Xeon CPU.

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4K video now works on the Xbox One

Also this week, YouTube on the Xbox One now finally supports native 4K video.

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Apple released iOS 11.2.1

This week, iOS 11.2.1 was released, which mainly fixed quite a serious issue with HomeKit security, mainly allowing unauthorised users to access your devices and control them remotely.

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iTunes for Windows Store delayed

This year, Microsoft were hoping for iTunes to be launched on Windows 10 S, its new budget operating system for lower end PCs. Apps on Windows 10 S can only be download from the Windows Store. Apple has delayed the release.

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Episode 2 of The Grand Tour aired this week

In the later part of the week, the second episode of The Grand Tour from Clarkson, Hammond and May was made available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. This week saw the boys race from New York to Niagara Falls in the brand new Ford GT.

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