Back in May last year, Tesla began taking pre-orders for its Solar Roof tiles and now this week the company has finally began manufacturing them. The tiles are being produced at a factory in Buffalo, New York. According to the report from Reuters they are also beginning to start surveying the houses of those soon for who placed down the initial $1,000 deposit last year.


The cost is actually less than normal tiles and Tesla has mentioned that it will be around 10-15% less than standard tiles, with an extra of solar panels fitted.

Image credit: Tesla
Image credit: Tesla


Tesla unveiled the Solar Roof in October 2016, with pre-orders starting in May 2017. At the time the expected date for the first installations was in summer 2017.

According to the Reuters report the original installations were meant to happen last summer. But as Tesla has had a few delays recently with the Model 3, the time frame was altered.

Source: Reuters