This week, a new update for the Xbox One was released to testers that are on the Xbox Insider program. The new release includes a new do not disturb mode, which will be useful for gamers looking to kick back and game with no distractions, this also goes hand in hand with a new status for your friends to see whether or not your are in do not disturb mode, meaning that any invites for parties or games won’t come through.

The release will be available to Alpha ring users to start with and then probably later to the beta ring, then eventually the public release.

More features

As well as the new do not disturb feature, the Xbox team have also added ‘Mini Game Hubs,’ we are already used to the full screen Game Hub experience currently, but now the new bitesize version allows you to access information like what friends are playing the game you’re in, what achievements you can work towards and much more.

The Xbox team also mention that a new feature is being worked on to automatically shut down the console if there is a period of time with no activity, with variation from one to six hours.

Source: Xbox Wire


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