The new refreshed 2019 Touareg has been an highly anticipated release, throughout the models 16 year lifespan we have only had two major versions. The original, which was launched way back in 2002 was Volkswagens first attempt at a large SUV and by all accounts it wasn’t great. That model was then treated to a mid-life facelift in 2007 which extended the model until 2010 when the modern day model was released.

But that was eight years ago and while the current model doesn’t look old by any means, the car industry moves fast and time waits for no man. VW has been very bullish on the SUV side of the market as of late, with the brand new Tiguan which sits just below the Touareg in the model family and just above the recently launch T-Roc. The Touareg as since looked unloved, so it has taken a while but in a few days time, VW will be unveiling the “all-new Touareg”.

Release Date

Volkswagen is planning to debut the new model in Beijing this week, on March 23. From images, the 2019 model looks similar in appearance to the new Audi Q7, which would make sense as it shares the same underpinnings as the Audi as well as the Lamborghini Urus.

Be sure to check back to A&T Tech on March 23rd for all the latest on the new 2019 Touareg.


Source: Motor1