Today, just before the UK bank holiday Apple has released a ton of new software for Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV as well as the iPhone and iPad and in this post we’ll cover whats new in watchOS 4.3.

watchOS 4.3

With watchOS 4.3 Apple has addressed a few glaring bugs as well as included a handful of new features, Nightstand mode or Bedside mode as it is referred to in the UK can now be used in portrait orientation, this is useful for if you were using the AirPower to charge your watch or any other wireless chargers. Prior to this release, Nightstand mode could only be used when the Apple Watch is in landscape.

Also new is that the Apple Watch speaker can now be used to play audio, simply go to the AirPlay button in the Control Centre to use.

The animation which displays when you put the watch on charge has also been tweaked, which looks quite nice.

In terms of bugs that Apple has fixed, there was on issue which a few people did have issues with – Apple has now fixed a bug which did cause some users to incorrectly be rewarded for an achievement.


As usual, to update your Apple Watch you will need to go to the Watch app on iPhone then go to My Watch > General > Software Update then hit download and install and it’ll all do its thing.

29.03 22:55 Updated info about Activity rewards bug