A few days ago, Apple released the first beta of iOS 11.4 which shortly followed the release of iOS 11.3 last week and with that release people noticed that a few things were missing. The release of iOS 11.4 aims to fix that.

iOS 11.4

With iOS 11.3, Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2 were missing, the release last week did include a whole host of new features but these two were starkly missing. The first beta of iOS 11.4 which was released last week includes support for Messages in iCloud as well as Stereo support for the HomePod, although the firmware to go alongside it on Apple’s speaker isn’t ready yet. AirPlay 2 doesn’t look like it is part of the release yet, although in the tvOS 11.4 beta it is included.

Messages in iCloud

This delay has been already written about in the industry, but Messages in iCloud was announced back at WWDC 2017 for a release of the feature for iOS 11.0 in September but the imminent support of the feature has been pushed back multiple times, so hopefully we will see it in iOS 11.4 soon.