They are dropping like flies, but a common trend lately is that larger companies are pulling support for their native Apple Watch apps. A year or so ago Amazon dropped support for its app on the wearable, as did Google for Google Maps and now Facebook has pulled support for the official Instagram app, which was one of the original apps to launch along side the original Apple Watch in 2015.

Instagram was only pulled due to a change Apple made on the backend requirements for Apple Watch apps, not a bad change by any means. On April 1st this year, Apple is now requiring that all new published apps be native apps, meaning that they no longer depend on iPhone resources to run, this is better for app load times and probably battery life, as there is less communication from iPhone to Apple Watch.

What now?

Well now, you’ll have no way to check your Instagram feed on your wrist, but the options for Instagram, were to completely rewrite the app to work when a phone isn’t nearby or remove the app from the App Store. As the title suggests, the latter was picked so we can only guess that not enough people were actually browsing their timelines on the Apple Watch to make it worthwhile to keep around.

Source: 9to5Mac