Just as we reported this morning, Apple has gone ahead today and launched a new (PRODUCT) RED version of the iPhone 8, which was launched back in September last year. As we mentioned, this isn’t the first time Apple has launched a special edition of the iPhone for (PRODUCT) RED – the iPhone 7 underwent the same treatment this time last year when Apple launched a red edition.

Anything new?

Surprisingly, there is. This time, Apple as opted for a black screen front for the red iPhone 8 whereas last year with the iPhone 7, Apple made the slightly controversial decision for a white screen front.

When does it go on sale?

So the phone was announced earlier today and it goes on sale this Tuesday 10th April at 13:30 BST / 5:30am PT and will be available in Apple Stores this Friday 13th April.

Prices are the same as the standard versions of the iPhone 8 starting at £699 for the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 ad £799 for the larger iPhone 8 Plus.

Source: Apple