This week, HP have announced a new Envy all-in-one PC which includes Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa built right in. The new PC has a curved 34-inch display and this is actually the very first all-in-one machine with Alex built in.

What does this PC come with?

By the sounds of it, this new PC will actually have two virtual assistants built in, Alexa of course and then Cortana too which comes with every Windows 10 installation. But with Cortana you have to invoke it, not by voice but by a button press on the software or with a hardware key. In this instance, Alexa seems to work hands free, much like how ‘Hey Siri’ works on the iPhone.

The HP Envy AIO has a built in Bang & Olufsen speaker system, which was actually included on the older model, it has a wireless charging pad in the rectangle base for phone charging and now the machine comes in a wood grain look finish which actually looks quite stylish. Inside HP have had a tinker with the processor and the display chips, so it now includes 8th generation Intel silicon as well as GeForce GTX 1050 graphics cards.

Specs and Pricing

Pricing and specs for the flagship 34-inch Envy AIO wont be coming until later this year, however if you don’t want something that massive, HP will sell you a 27-inch version, however it doesn’t have a curved screen. That version comes in a t $1,400 / £1,050.

Source: Engadget