For those who didn’t know, Amazon has been running a small local supermarket for the best part of 6 months, back in January the online retail company opened its first ‘Amazon Go’ store in Seattle near its HQ, but the main appeal was that the store has now cashiers and no tills. Instead you scan your phone on the way in, put your phone away and then proceed to pick up any items you want, the whole store is keeping track of what you pick up and put back on the shelves.

Now, Amazon is looking to expand the cashier-less store idea and they are heading to Chicago and San Fransisco. In a report from The Seattle Times it suggests they are looking to get extra retail space for additional Amazon Go stores. Also, from the report from the newspaper, Amazon has been posting job listings for store managers in retail locations in Chicago and San Francisco, Amazon responded to say that yes, they are planning on opening more Amazon Go locations with no dates confirmed.