A few years ago, back in 2016 Sony brought out a new smart light at that years CES event, it promised to be able to turn on your TV and it had built in motion, temperature and humidity sensors as well as a whole host of other capabilities. It was also at launch, only available to the Japanese market and still is too. But at the time we did say:

The Sony light is coming to Japan only in the first half of this year, but hopefully it will come to other parts of the world soon after.

Now in 2018, Sony is still making the ‘Multifunctional Light” as it is called and they have been every so slowly rolling out firmware updates and now, thanks to an embedded microphone and speaker it now works with Google Assistant. Back in May this year, Sony also added support for Alexa so users will be able to control the brightness, colour as well as turn the light on and off by just asking it too.

No HomeKirt support has been mentioned, but we have reached out to Sony Japan for a comment.

The support for Google Assistant will be coming this week on Wednesday via an over the air firmware update.

Original Promo Video

Source: K-Tai Watch