At todays Apple Event, where the new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr were announced, Apple also revealed when iOS 12 will be avaible to download.

The new release for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it comes with many performance improvements added especially for older devices including the iPhone 5s, which was actually launched in September 2013. With this release, Apple really wants to focus on speeding up the overall experience you have with your phone, so the keyboard loads quicker, apps launch faster and the camera opens much faster. So Apple is really helping users with older iPhones to have a better experience.

When is iOS 12 coming out?

Apple revealed today that iOS 12 will be avaible next week on September 17th.

Will my phone work with iOS 12?

Very likely! Apple is supporting all the same devices as last year with iOS 11, so that means if you have an iPhone 5s or later it’ll work. Click here for a full list of every iPhone and iPad.

iOS 12 will be a free download, as always and you can download by going to Settings > General > Software Update and from there, it’ll walk you through the process. Make sure to back up your device to iTunes beforehand or use iCloud Backup.