For a very long time now, Tesla has been offering a free lifetime of Supercharging for people who bought Tesla cars and while the company was growing into the very big company it is now, offering free charging to customers was a nice little perk but now as the company is losing money as we speak, Tesla does need to plug up some holes in its costs.

Free Supercharging was supposed to have ended early last year, but since then it has been supported. Until earlier this week on September on the 16th if you had purchased a brand new car from Tesla, expect the baseline Model 3 you could get free access to charge your car if you had ordered using a referral code from an existing owner.

Elon Musk has now pointed out that this free referral system has now ended. If you have ordered a new car after September 16th and going forward, new owners will now get $100 in credit to use at the Superchargers.