Apple’s HomePod smart speaker has been on sale here in the UK as well as Australia and the United States since last year and then support for Canada, France and Germany was added in June then Spain and Mexico were added late last year, in October.

But now, Apple is expanding into one of the biggest markets it has. As of January 18th, the HomePod will go on sale in mainland China and Hong Kong.

According to some sources, users have been able to get HomePods from some third party sellers, but come tomorrow will be the first time users will be able to purchase it from the direct channels.

“We’re excited to bring HomePod to our customers in mainland China and Hong Kong markets. We can’t wait for them to experience how great it sounds in their home, we think they are going to love it.”

Phil Schiller, Apple Marketing Chief

In China, Apple has tailored Apple Music to the market, genres like Mandopop and Cantopop are available within Apple Music and Siri has been updated to support Cantonese and Mandarin.


HomePod starts at £319 / $349 in the UK and US respectively but HomePod will start at 2,799 yuan in mainland China and HK$2,799 in Hong Kong.