This week, Apple has released a much needed bug fix update for iOS 12, with iOS 12.1.3.

This update applies to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and the HomePod, as the HomePod basically runs a lighter version of iOS, it gets all the updates too.

What has been fixed?


Some users had issues with Messages, where if you scrolled through a list of images in the details panel, it would just show greyed boxes and never load the images up, instead grey boxes would show up.


Issues with CarPlay should be fixed now too, with the new update. Some users had issues with CarPlay systems from just disconnecting from newer iPhone models.

iPad Pro

A small number of users saw issues with external audio inputs having distorted audio on the newer iPad Pro models, iOS 12.1.3 should fix this too.


This update for HomePod should stop the speaker randomly disabling Siri and restarting.

How do I update?

One of the easiest way to update your iPhone, is using the iPhone itself. Simply plug your device into power, then tap Settings > General > Software Update. iOS 12 will then proceed to download, it may need a password from you to confirm. The installation process takes around 5-10 mins, then the device will reboot prompting you to unlock it again.