Casper has been around for a long time, and the company is mots known for making iconic mattresses and adverting on podcasts too. Lately, in the US at least it has expanded into making bed frames and everywhere else it has dog beds, bed sheets and also pillows. But now, Casper is now focusing further on the quality of your sleep with its new product ‘The Glow’.

The Glow is just a simple lamp, which is designed to match your circadian rhythm and that should help you sleep better. It is tech back to its most basic form, while it may look like a HomePod – there are no speakers and no assistants built in.

How does it work?

You can see more of the lamp in action in the video at the end of the post, but the lamp can be set on a schedule to come on in the morning and it has gesture controls too so you don’t need to set it up via your phone.

You can easily turn the lamp on by flipping it over and just nudging it will make it come on a low light setting.

Pricing and availability

The Glow starts at $89 / £89 for one lamp or $169 / £169 for a set of two. In the UK at least, it is up for pre-order and availability is from March 5th.

Similar to the casper mattresses, they offer a risk free trail, with the lamp it is 30 days.


Source: Casper