We have known about Tesla’s ‘mass market’ electric car for nearly three years now, since the announcement in March 2016. In that time, the company has delivered a record number of cars to customers, entered the model into new markets and it is now the best selling electric car in the world.

This information comes from data firm JATO Dynamics, and it has stated that the Tesla Model 3 was the best selling electric car in the world, throughout 2018. Almost 138,000 units of the car have been shifted, which is way ahead of the Nissan Leaf, which is arguably one of the ‘better known’ electric vehicles on the market. Nissan only managed to sell 85,000 units last year.

The report from Jato also mentioned that in 2018 – “Electric vehicles recorded their best-ever year, with volume up by a huge 74%”

Model 3

Just recently, Tesla Model 3 has begun shipping in Europe & China with the United Kingdon expected for the middle of this year.

Source: Jato